If you know Fick’s Law, you know everything about life and breathing.

Fick’s Law (don’t call it fuck’s law, not even for a joke, and I know this from experience) is how you can trick anybody into thinking you know the world about living organisms. You can apply it to anything to do with practically anything that includes oxygen, which is kind of a lot, seeing as we only need to, you know, breathe it.

Fick’s law is just one fact. It’s easy as hell to learn, easy as hell to apply, you can answer so many different questions with it, Fick’s Law will give you a higher grade and completely change your life for the better. LEGIT.

Fick’s Law is:

Rate of Diffusion = Surface Area x Concentration Gradient / Membrane Thickness.

Diffusion is the movement of particles to a smaller concentration. The rate of diffusion is how quickly those particles move. Diffusion needs no energy to happen.

The Law translates as, as simply put as possible:

  • Bigger surface area = SHIT MOVES FASTER.
  • Moving from a high concentration to one a lot lower = SHIT MOVES FASTER.
  • The cells are thinner = SHIT. MOVES. FASTER.

And that is literally it. Now you know about diffusion and how net movement is made faster, and you all scroll away from this post better people. It’s just a little physics, but it can answer most exams for you. And it’s easy as piss.

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